All about Delta Academies!

Delta School District is one of the leading districts in the province in providing Academy opportunities for students.



Academies are credited elective courses, instructed and coached by teachers and industry professionals. They provide expanded education choices for secondary students and allow them to engage in their passions right in the middle of the school day.


Students in-catchment, from out-of-catchment and out-of-district are eligible to participate in academies. Out-of-district students must be registered at a Delta School District School. Open to students, grades 8-12


Academies are 2 consecutive blocks in an 8 block schedule (some exceptions). Academies are 8 credits/year.


Academy programs are offered at secondary schools throughout the district. Transportation between schools is available for most academies.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! You can attend from Grade 8-12.

YES! There are very few instances where French Immersion conflicts with an academy program. We have many students who do both.

YES! In grade 8, it will count as your Fine Arts 8 Rotation course and the Applied Skills 8 Rotation course (or Band 8 plus one the rotations)! In grade 10-12, it will still count as two of your elective choices AND you get more than two elective choices in these grades.

YES! So in Grade 8 you have room also for either the Fine Arts 8 Rotation or the Applied Skills Rotation (or Band 8)! And in Grades 9-12 you get even more electives than just the two choices in Grade 8!

Yes! Please email Paige Hansen at for more information.
Unfortunately, the Delta School District does not issue tax receipts because these programs do not qualify for a tax deduction. Academy programs are curricular programs offered within the school day, they are not extra-curricular, which do qualify for the tax deduction. More information is available on the following site, Canada Revenue Agency- Arts Canada Revenue Agency- Sports.
No, Academies are not for profit and their budgets must net zero. That is to say that all of the revenue made from student tuition is spent on the program.

Delta School District Vision

The Delta School District vision was created in the 2010/11 school year, through a collaborative process that involved our entire district and was revisited in 2015/16.

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